The SMC Group focuses on strengthening the human capital to enhance the performance of the company. As a group, it strives to create a rewarding and nurturing environment for its people.

The company facilitates an enviably engaging, high-performing and fulfilling corporate culture, and firmly believes in empowering the people, and creating a rewarding environment for everyone.

Equal opportunities are given to optimize people’s potential and improve their standard of living. The company ensures an equal work and equal pay opportunity to each and every employee of the company irrespective of their caste, creed, gender, age, sexuality, interests, or religion.

About SMC

Established in 1990, SMC is a diversified financial services company in India offering brokerage services across the asset classes of equities (cash and derivatives), commodities and currency, investment banking, wealth management, distribution of third party financial products, research, financing, depository services, insurance broking (life & non-life), clearing services, mortgage advisory and real estate advisory services to corporates, institutions, high net worth individuals and other retail clients.

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